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"Snapbacks & Tattoos" - EURO PALACE (Mainz-Kastel) - DJ WHIZ joining a great friend, DJ Physique, as the guest DJ at the Euro Palace. A great thanks to the DJ Benny B-Rome, the management and patrons of the Euro Palace for a great welcome and party.
"Big Summer Closing Party" - PALACIO GRANADA (Idar-Oberstein) - "DJ Whiz" joined by "DJ Benny B-rome" and "DJ Mr6xx" doing what can't be done better before the Granada vacation season. Big Shoutout to the crowd of Granada and watch for DJ Whiz during opening season in September!
"Independence Day Party" - METROPOLIS (Trier) - The Metropolis witnessed a night like never before with live performances from "ILL Will" and "Just Nova!" Don't miss DJ Whiz at Palacio-Granada and don't miss the party bus to Palacio-Granada from Kaiserslautern, Landstuhl and Baumholder sponsored by Upscale Uptown! Seats are going fast!
MARKTHALLE (Kaiserslautern) - A little controversial night but DJ WHIZ came through like a champ giving the full crowd what they loved. Don't miss the party bus to Palacio-Granada from Kaiserslautern, Landstuhl and Baumholder sponsored by Upscale Uptown! Seats are going fast!
"THE OPEN AIR FEST/B-DAY BASH (Traben Trarbach/Wolf) - Kicking beats from dusk till dawn in honor of Mike's Birthday. My first open air festival and now I have much respect for those that put them on. Happy Birthday Mike and much luv to the party people of Traben Trarbach!
"WE LOVE BLACK MUSIC," PALACIO GRANADA (Idar-Oberstein) - Setting Father's Day off with a BANG! DJ Whiz & DJ Maaleek kept the party hot as fire. The next DJ Whiz stop, The Diamond Club (Frankfurt), Friday, June 13th for "Night of the Whiz - Frankfurt."
"WE LOVE BLACK MUSIC," PALACIO GRANADA (Idar-Oberstein) - DJ WHIZ ripped it for the capacity crowd. Another 1st Class event brought to you from Palacio-Granada and DJ WHIZ. Keep you eyes and ears open for the next DJ WHIZ performance coming your way.
"LOVE AFFAIRS" - METROPOLIS (Trier) - The DJ WHIZ METROPOLIS PREMIER. Big shoutout to DJ Danny. We went "live" on the radio in Miami, online and the "Tune-in" (mobile app). Thanks for the great time METROPOLIS, I'll see you soon.
The DJ WHIZ MARKTHALLE PREMIER (Markthalle Kaiserslautern) - Joined by DJ KID 34 and DJ R-JAY! Thanks for the love K-Town. I'm glad you enjoyed our show; I'll be back!
"Anderson's B-Day Bash - Park Hotel (Idar-Oberstein) - Friends getting together and DJ Whiz putting it down at Anderson's B-Day bash. Sorry we missed a lot of you and for the limited amount of pictures. The photographer was partying too; real hard. LOL; Enjoy!
"WE LOVE BLACK MUSIC" - DJ Whiz joined by my homies DJ Maaleek and DJ Cray-Z and about 1200 more people. We partied until cows an chickens came home! Big shoutout to the Palacio Granada for hosting a 1st Class event. Next stop, the Secret Garden Club (Luxembourg).
Friday, October 4th, 2013 - The "All White Affair" at Discotheque Metropol (Baumholder) - Early evening pictures from the Coach Brown "All White Affair." DJ WHIZ at the controls bringing life back to Baumholder. The next Show will be "Night of the Whiz - Trier" on Friday, November 8th.
"NIGHT OF THE WHIZ - TRIER" at the TONI CLUB (Trier) - Another jump off in Trier with DJ Whiz at the controls! Sorry for the limited number of photos but it was all about the video shoot that night. Check out the video teaser on the DJ Whiz Productions YouTube channel ( Next stop; "The All White Affair," in Baumholder.
DJ Whiz at TruPlayaz "Baller's Night" (Koln) - DJ Whiz stepping up the game in Köln with the ultimate mixes of new music and worldwide classics. Don't mix the next show, "Night of the Whiz - Trier" at The TONI CLUB (Trier)!
"NIGHT OF THE WHIZ - TRIER" at the TONI CLUB (Trier) - A Long distance Happy Birthday to my Sis and a banging night at the control in central Trier. A big shoutout to all the fans and friends, especially the ones that traveled the distances.
CLUB 11 (Trier) - Nothing but fans and fun in Club 11. Enjoy your free mixtapes and keep your eyes open for the next DJ Whiz show in Trier.

MUSIKPARK A1 (Trier) - Rather you're a "Baa Humbug" or a "Ho, Ho, Ho" Musikpark A1 set the Christmas season off right at "NIGHT OF THE WHIZ - TRIER." Enjoy your CDs, airbrushed t-shirts and don't miss this Thursday's specials with DJ Whiz!

"NIGHT OF THE WHIZ - TRIER (MUSIKPARK A1). Long lines at the door and a packed house in the building. That's just what happens at "NIGHT OF THE WHIZ - TRIER." A big shoutout to Sunny and Moses. The next "N.O.W. - Trier" will ring your Christmas with a smile!

CLUB METROPOL (Baumholder) - The rumors are true! Club Metropol is back on the map and hosted it's 1st Masquerade Party. The house was packed so keep your eyes and ears open for more special events coming to Club Metropol.

The second "NIGHT OF THE WHIZ - TRIER" (MUSIKPARK A1) and yes you guessed it........packed house! Congrats to all of our free CD winners and air-brushed t-shirt winners. C U at the next N.O.W. - TRIER in the largest club in the Eifel Region.

"THE BLACK VIBES SINGLE RELEASE PARTY" was definitely a big success with DJ WHIZ, DJ ROB MONEY, DJ 2 TUFF DEE and MC E-V-L doing the damn thing. "NIGHT OF WHIZ - TRIER" is this Friday at Musikpark A1!

"NIGHT OF THE WHIZ" debuts in MUSIKPARK A1. Pole dancers, stage dancers, bar name it, we had it! Don't miss the next "N.O.W. - Trier" in the largest club in the region.

"SOUTHERN HEAT" the DJ WHIZ debut at the Euro Palace. With DJ Whiz, DJ Dollar Bill, DJ 2 Tuff Dee & MC T-Smooth at the controls, you know what went down.


THE 112 POOL & BEACH PARTY - CLUB LONGBEACH (Hattersheim) - Live performances by 112, CHARNELL, GMG and many more. A big shoutout to our visitors from Köln, Belgium, France, Kaiserslautern, Baumholder, Mainz, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Trier, Bitburg and Spangdahlem. It was definitely a night to remember!

TRILLVILLE and CHARNELL "live" in concert with DJ WHIZ mastering the turntables during a big concert weekend at the Euro Palace (Mainz-Kastel) and Studio 9 (Bielefeld). Once again, M.A.D. putting in work....a lot of work!
"YUNG LA LIVE.". Yung LA putting on shows, with DJ WHIZ on the tables, that will never be forgotten at THE DOWNTOWN (Weinheim) and The URBAN KITCHEN (Frankfurt). Big shoutouts to Brandon, and the fellaz from ATL and beyond that got to spend the night on stage!
"PETEY PABLO DAY!" DJ WHIZ spinning live at the PETEY PABLO autograph session at Def Shop in Neu-Iesenburg (Frankfurt). Then finishing off the day with the PETEY PABLO Concert at CLUB XL (Mainz) with a performance by special guest, BLACKSTREET!

You heard it right, The YING YANG TWINS "live" at CLUB XL (Mainz) - Kaine and D-Roc tore the house down while performing all the favorite hits for a wall to wall packed house. Georgia finest made X-mas come early!

MIMS LIVE AT CLUB XL (Mainz) w/DJ WHIZ on the wheels! - Mims did the damn thing and raised the bar by performing his concert within the crowd! Then DJ Whiz beat the tables up until about 6 O' Clock in the mornin' at CLUB XL (Mainz). Don't miss WYCLEF at Club XL.

COPONE and NORIEGA LIVE at CLUB XL (Mainz) - Doing their thing; ripping it up; doing all the favorite hits; totally hyping the crowd.

SCRAPPY in CONCERT - MESSEPARK (Trier) - "Money in the bank", "Oh yeah" and many more performed live! That true "dirty, dirty" was in effect in Trier. You can best believe Lil Scrappy did the damn thing. Way to hold it down Trier. Keep your eyes on for more concerts to come.

LIL FLIP in CONCERT w/DJ WHIZ - CLUB STATIC (Köln) - Houston, Texas and Clover G brought to you in person by the Fly Guy LIL' FLIP. Big shoutouts to DJ Kay Sy, Thug Kings, K-Nel and Phat Crispy. Nothing like the 3rd Coast being brought to you live! To my fam, friends and fans, thanks.

BOHAGON bringing the BME sound to Köln City. DJ WHIZ going live with lots of giveaways. Special guest DJ Cruzido and DJ Kay Sy. Good things, bangin' beats and a whole lot of partying happened when Köln was taken to the "dirty, dirty!" LIL' FLIP will be here next!!!

"NIGHT OF THE WHIZ - TRIER" - EXHAUS (Trier ) - "NIGHT OF THE WHIZ' debuts in the city of Trier. DJ WHIZ blowing up the spot with bangin' beats, "Live-Recorded" CDs, free CDs and airbrushed T-Shirts being made on the spot by Cedoli!

SCOLA and LUMIDEE holding is down with two tight performances proceeded and followed by DJ WHIZ. The "Ultimate Hip Hop Festival" continuing to put Trier on the Hip Hop Map.

"PETEY PABLO" IN CONCERT - CLUB STATIC (Köln) - The Carolina Bird-dog himself, tearing it up in Club Static. Yep, "Vibrate", "Goodies", "Raise Up" and more performed live on stage!!!

"GERMAN SPRING BREAK" - MESSEPARK (Trier) - The long awaited jump off! Over 1000 peeps enjoyed good food, dance teams, live acts, an indoor beach and DJ W-H-I-Z supported by Erratik, DJ Carnage & DJ Reen.